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My Z Force has a small black dot at the top of the screen. I initially thought it was the dreaded ink leak, but then I noticed that there's actually a slight bump on the screen there that I can see/feel (also it does not move or change shape). I did recently have a water exposure issue, but the phone is functioning fine and zero blunt force trauma was involved. What the heck? There appears to actually be something inside the phone that's suddenly moved and is poking up against the underside of the screen (just where my wifi icon is). What is this & could it be water damage (HOW??)?

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Re: Droid Moto Z force
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Determining what caused the bump to appear beneath the screen surface can be difficult at best, luxlap. We're glad to hear that the phone is still functional despite the water exposure issue. Thank you for the great detailed information you've given us, too, to help determine what we need to do in order to help out. I've sent you a direct message so we can discuss your options further.


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