Droid Razr M underperforming
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I wanted to like this phone, as I switched from a iPhone several months ago. I feels like a solid phone but overall is doing very poorly:

- Battery life continues to drop. I can barely get through the workday. It started great, several days worth of battery with additional settings turned on (GPS, etc.) but even with everything disabled in continues to drop.

- Space issues. I've never seen 16GB go so fast. There are so many pre-packaged apps and no management of resources. I need to continuously monitor and purge my data so my email doesn't shut off.

- Performance issues. Sometimes it just slows down to a stop, like a 10-year-old computer. If I want to switch from an app to the internet then I better be able to wait a minute or so for this thing to figure it out. Pretty frustrating.

Any one else hear of these problems? Any solutions?

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Re: Droid Razr M underperforming
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That's a lot of issues to contend with wkokomoor! Let's look into these issues and see if we can improve your experience with the Razr M.

Please try running the phone in Safe Mode: http://vz.to/OfDSQY  This will run it without any third party apps running. If one or more of these issues are resolved, than they are being caused by a specific app. You can still use your phones features in Safe Mode, and powering off/on will take it back out of Safe Mode. Please update us with whether or not this was effective!

Thank you,
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