Droid Razr M update and text messages

After my droid razr m updated the other day, it now has to download text messages. One last night took about 30 minutes to download. It never did this prior to the update. I received messages from some people throughout that day. Prior to the udate, no download, just text message. After the update, download.

How do I get it to stop the download and just show the texts like before?

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Re: Droid Razr M update and text messages
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I am having the same issue, my phone was perfect for me before the GREAT UPDATE, then it overheated, shut off whenever it felt like it, freezes whenever, stopped ringing, text messages would take forever, kept getting "downloading" message in text, my group txt sent one txt repeatedly to everyone in the group for a whole day had to turn off my phone, so it would stop, people blocked me until I could get that fixed. Finally I went to the Verizon store and a lovely young lady replaced my phone, when I got it in the mail, the new one wouldn't even power on (really?????) sent that back finally got one that worked properly for about 3 months now it is randomly shutting down again!!!!!

I can turn off auto updates on my pc I want the ablity to turn it off on my phone as well!!!!!

It is the phone and the updates that are not compatible, just because your techs thought of something new doesn't mean that it's good for me, or just stop making blanket improvements as all phones are not equal..Example apparently my Android won't work with that same upgrades as an S4, seeing as how their 2 different phones.(duh)

Frankly i have no problem with the customer service people, you have to stand by your company its your job I get it, but you guys need to take these forums seriously and stop acting like puttng something on here is going to make a difference!!!!

Oh yeah and now this phone is starting to cut off randomly like the other!

Re: Droid Razr M update and text messages

When my wife's Droid Razr M received the September Motorola update, MMS messages (such as picture texts) started getting stuck "downloading" in the default Messaging app. After trying several other things (including clearing the system cache partition), here are the steps that seemed to fix this new problem with the default Messaging app:

restart phone

wait a minute or two to allow any MMS messages that were stuck "downloading" to complete



slide over to "all" list

find "Messaging"

Force stop

Clear data (**missing from other suggestions)

Clear cache

Before you start, make a note of any customized settings inside the Messaging app (such as the notification sound) because they will revert to defaults. (There aren't many settings inside the default Messaging app.) Your messages (SMS & MMS) will *not* be lost.