Droid Razr M wifi stopped working

The wifi on my Droid Razr M seems to have stopped working.  It shows that it is connected and has good strength but I can't connect to anything, such as Instagram, Facebook, or even games like Matching with Friends.  I have tried rebooting my phone several times, forgetting the wifi connection and setting it up again and rebooting the wireless router.  Nothing seems to help it.  Nothing has changed either.  I just woke up yesterday morning and it wasn't working and it was working perfectly before yesterday.  Can anyone give me some ideas that I didn't already think to do.

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Re: Droid Razr M wifi stopped working
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Motorola tech support diagnosed my Razr M no Wifi issue as a a device software issue, based upon screenshots I sent them via email to (https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/prod_ask/action/auth). See earlier post below for details. They said the phone is apparently unable to properly load the device software, while noting that most Razr Ms do not have this problem. Obviously, some do. Motorola offered options of shipping to them for repair or taking to VZW for exchange as defective (as per device insurance). I did the latter, Motorola will ship refurbished replacement phone. Will advise what happens.


[excerpt from my prior post under another topic]. ... When the phone is in its non-functional wifi state, the wifi button is greyed out at the setting Off, so it cannot be switched to On. No wifi networks show up at all. Maddeningly, after soft resets or for no reason at all, the phone sometimes allows wifi to turn on for a while (at home or elsewhere), then goes back to greyed-out wifi Off.  I tried the other fixes suggested by VZW moderators, to no avail. Then I did the factory reset (http://vz.to/M0pNF6 ) (twice), losing all of my apps in the process. And of course it had absolutely no effect on what VZW moderators call a “device issue”. ...