Droid Razr M

Me and my husband switched to Verizon last month. In less than 30 days, my husband dropped his Droid Razr M, and the screen cracked a lot. We are in the military, so we can't afford much, so it is going to be hard on us to get fixed, having to pay $100. I am honestly really disapointed. Partly in Motorola, for making a phone that is supposed to be stronger than average, yet the first 12 inch drop breaks it. And in Verizon. I feel as though there should at least be a 30 day guarantee in place that if your phone breaks, you can have it replaced. I understand buying insurance and everything, I get that. I just feel like they should at least back it when you first take it home. If it breaks within 30 days of having it, through normal usage (not throwing it or dropping from immense heights) there should be a plan in place for that. Being in the army, we don't make the kind of money where we can just be like "oh well, let's go get a new phone"

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