Droid Razr Maxx Problems

We have had our Maxx's for almost 2 years. Unfortunately we are not up for upgrades until November. My husbands phone shattered on the inside about 4 months after we bought them. Of course no one would do anything about it. My phone gets so hot that it burns the skin if you touch it. And now it keeps turning itself on and off. I have had Verizon since I was 16 and my husband has always had Verizon. These phones aren't even made anymore because they know how crappy they are. My husband has to have his for work so we had to result back to using his old phone that doesn't even ring anymore. I have talked to Verizon quite a few times in the store and no one seems to care that these phones are crappy and can't even be used really. All the apps force close themselves. What's the point in having a smart phone when you can't even use it? We are about done with Verizon and their customer service.  We could go somewhere else and probably have a little better luck.  What is the point in using a company when they don't care about your business even if you have had it 15+  years.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this phone and keep it from over heating and turning itself on and off?


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Re: Droid Razr Maxx Problems
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I'm so sorry about your experience with your phones BrwnEyedFordGirl! We truly value and appreciate your loyalty, and we don't want you to consider leaving us. Phones aren't discontinued because of function. With technology, new devices are launching all the time. Do you have insurance on your phones? If so, you can file claim. Otherwise, if you have extended warranty, this can help if your phone is malfunctioning due to manufacturer's defect. Please keep us posted so we can see what options you have.

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