Droid Razr Maxx not charging


So today I awoke to my phone with 2% battery left. I normally charge my phone overnight with no issue. I was kind of upset only because I now have to wait until it's charged to actually use it, but at first I though I knocked the cord out when I was sleeping.

I plugged it in - there was no "electric bar" or charging status at all. I turned the phone off, then on. Re-tried it. Still nothing. I blew into the socket and the cord tip and still nothing. What I did notice is that if I push a little hard and hold it into place it will start to charge, so basically right now I have my pillow laying on top of the cord while my phone is on its side.

There's no water damage or misuse of the phone to my knowledge. This morning seems to just have screwed it up.

Any help?

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