Droid Razr Motorola HD less than 1 month and not working

Last month my Droid Razr Motorola HD just stopped working, no reason, just stopped after working the night before.  😞 Posted here BTW, I received a replacement phone, a REFURBISHED on 04/14/2014 and guess what?  yes, it too doesn't work but for another reason, now instead of being dead, I can text but cannot hear anyone when they call me, it is a dead sound, I can call them and sometimes hear a staticy broken up conversation, sometimes nothing unless I put them on speaker!!!   This is as I said less than one month in with this phone, no damage has been done nor has it gotten wet!!  This is extremely unacceptable service!!!!   And why I adhore refurbished phones!!!!!

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I'm surprised to see you're having so many difficulties with such a popular phone, Terry_R. The warranty replacements go through pretty rigorous testing to make sure this type of difficulty doesn't occur. Although you can't hear the person, can they hear you? If you look into the headset jack of the phone, do you see any debris or corrosion? Please also make sure the phone is up to date by going to Settings>About Phone>System Updates.


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