Droid Razr can't send picture messages since JellyBean update
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Ever since my Droid Razr updated to the JellyBean system, I have been unable to send any picture messages. It will attempt to send them, then I get the message bounced back, with the triangle exclamation point saying "message failed, tap here to review" or something similar. I also get this response when uploading pictures to facebook, but the pictures actually do get uploaded. I've checked with my friends, and they aren't getting the picture messages. Help!?

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We would never leave you without options gbatch. I know how important it is to have great service at home and wifi is a great option to prevent data usage. If you are in need of better service inside your home, take a look at our Network Extender. This is an amazing accessory and will help with service inside. Here is additional information http://bit.ly/AKkC. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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Your answer is not helpful at all to me. I have a Droid Razr Maxx HD with a full 4G LTE signal right now, and I cannot get a simple Picture message to send. There is no text, I am sending to another Verizon customer, and the wifi is turned off. It would be great if you could advise, Thank you!

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We hoped that response would help someone with signal problems at home, mylestexan.
Let's start from the beginning to ensure the phone settings are all correct. I want to make sure you all are able to send & receive MMS. I also have this device, but haven't come across these concerns with the software update.
This is for all included in the thread
1. Make sure airplane mode and WiFi are both disabled.
2. Ensure the address you are sending it to is correct (preferably with area code the number)
3. Make sure Auto Retrieve is enabled.
Go to Text>Menu>Settings>Auto Retrieve
4. The MMS should automatically adjust if it is too large to send. If it doesn't that may be the probem. Take the picture again with a different resolution.
5. Check available memory. Go to Settings>Storage>Internal Storage/SD card>Pictures. If it is low, delete some pictures or text messages.

Please let us know how it works once these steps have been completed.

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6. Power the phone off.


I have 4 phones with Verizon, under a family plan.  We have always sent pictures without disabling WIFI.  I sent some (Galaxy) to my wife earlier for her to share with her family.  They sent successfully.  She cannot send them from her RAZR, including the ones she took on her phone  Her problem has only occurred since the last Verizon update.  I am less than 10 feet from the router.  So is she.  So, the WIFI on/off has not been a problem, but has now become a problem. 

I have refused Verizon updates for my Galaxy, and will continue to do so.

Verizon has a new problem.

Fix it.

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We would be delighted to assist with your wifes device plato68. Is she able to send MMS messages with WIFI disconnected and fully powered off? Please keep us posted, thanks!

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I too, have encountered this problem since an OS update that was pushed to me in mid-January.

(unable to send MMS messages or photos, same error message received)

I tried all of the suggestions listed in this thread and some on other forums, with no luck.

I finally visited a Verizon Wireless store just to ask some simple questions, not to try to wrangle a new phone or anything crazy. The service drone behind the counter was incredibly rude, answering my questions in mono-syllabic words, with his arms crossed over his chest in a hostile manner.

The advice I grudgingly pulled from him:  Back up the phone, and perform a total wipe/reset, then restore the phone.

This was a tremendous pain, but it worked.  I'm betting there was a less invasive fix for the problem, but that's the only tip I got that worked.

People when you walk out the door with your shiny, new phone, the deal is done. Don't look for any help from Verizon Wireless after that. You're on your own.

Good luck.

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I am a strong advocate for cellular providers just provide the access to the network. You see the makers of the devices should take total responsibility for the sales and service of what they manufacturer.

Verizon wireless should not repair phones (they did many years ago) they should just insure you access to voice and data.

Now if the makers of the devices send out operating system updates and it bricks your device a customer would then contact the maker of the device and not Verizon. If the device buttons break, or the glass breaks, again to the maker of the device. Verizon like retail stores sells the devices, I don't see people calling Best Buy or Sears or Target etc. When their phone breaks. Why should the blame be laid at Verizon place the blame where it belongs. The device manufacturer.

Good Luck

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Elector, I too am a proponent of wireless carriers providing data and cellular service and access to the network.  They should not be in the hardware/handset business.  It gives them too much control and can lead to monopolies within monopolies.  Not to mention incompetency.

But, as long as Verizon dictates what software and bloatware must be on phones, what OS features can remain and which must be removed or disabled, what SIM cards can be used, what frequencies a phone can support (beyond their own), what buttons a phone can have, whether a phone bootloader can be locked or unlocked .... , etc. they are in part responsible for hardware and OS failures.  Under these conditions all blame cannot and should not be shifted to the manufacturer

My plea: FCC, FTC, or whoever remove the wireless carriers from handset control.  The carriers will not do it by themselves.


Dear god, some clarification is needed for all of you conflating WiFi and Cellular network communication.

SMS/MMS are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, sent over the cellular connection. Not 3G, not 4G, not WiFi - cellular.

SMS is a cellular system functionality - it's origins are in transporting Short Messages in the management frames of the cellular network, which were under-utilized by about 1300 bits (~1300bits/8bits per byte=~160 characters) . MMS is transported by converting the image to a binary stream and encapsulating that into the same Management Frames.

So technically, SMS/MMS can NEVER be transported by any other network as they're both functions of the Cellular network itself - there is no equivalent on a WiFi network, or 3G or 4G, since those networks were designed for a very different use-case than cell.

So, WiFi being on is technically irrelevant to whether you can send SMS/MMS as the Texting app only knows how to transport them via cell, even if WiFi is on.

That being said, if a phone cannot transport SMS/MMS when Wifi is on and you have a good cell signal, then there is something wrong with the software of the phone - some mistake was made in the setup by the software vendor, and only the software vendor is going to be able to resolve this issue.

Now, Verizon, let's get some pressure on Google to resolve this, as it's very clearly a software issue, as it appeared AFTER the JB update, even with the stock Messaging app.


Having the same problem, for a period of a few months now, on my Razr M.  I can send a simple text as usual but can't send a picture by text message, whether there's also text associated or not, whether the recipient is a Verizon customer or on another network, from my home where there's no problem with signal and ordinary calls work reliably.  I can send pictures by email as usual, but not by text message.  The problem developed several months ago, with no change in phone, but if I recall correctly at the time of a software update.  When I first got the phone, there was no such problem, but now there is.

Verizon, can't you folks figure out how to help us fix this?  The operation involved, after all, is a pretty standard smartphone function.  Will be following the thread for updates--

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cbdo, Let's get those picture messages going out again. Go to Apps> Settings and touch Data Usage. Ensure Mobile Data is turned on. Press the back button to go back to the previous menu and touch "More..." Touch Mobile networks and make sure Data enabled has a check mark. Reset the text messaging app: http://vz.to/1doTPPR . Then power the device off and back on again. Retest and let us know how its working.

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The above fix of clearing the text messaging data (fyi-does not delete your text messages) and rebooting my phone (Maxx HD - 2 bar of 4G - WiFi on and connected) can now send picture messages without using the annoying "fix" of turning off WiFi I was told by Verizon phone tech support.