Droid Razr not charging

I have an upgrade in 4 days but yesterday my Droid Razr just stopped taking a charge. I tried the wall charger and car charger and neither worked, but they both charge my boyfriends phone. It's not even showing up that the charger is connected (no green or lightning bolt while charging). I just moved to a new state and rely on my phone to talk with family and friends. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Or cost to fix it?

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Re: Droid Razr not charging
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Hello kelder1, a working phone is super important! Was there any physical or water damage on the phone? Any discoloration or debris in the charging port of the phone? Repairs would be done through the manufacturer of the device which is Motorola. For pricing, you can reach Motorola here: http://bit.ly/TlPAMw

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