Droid Turbo Advanced Calling/ Internet Features Do Not Work!!!
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This is my 2nd Droid Turbo since the phone came out last November. The first one had to be replaced because all the apps and the phone kept crashing. Let me just say that VERIZON and MOTOROLA both have some of the WORST Tech support I have ever experienced with a phone. I know more about these phones then they do. I even already know all the troubleshooting that they are going to make me do and waste my time!

I clearly tell the Level 2 tech support person that yes, Advanced Calling is enabled on my phone and on my account. Yes, it worked fine on my last Droid Turbo. As soon as I make a phone call the 4gLTE disappears and the phone says I have no Data Connection. I can't get on the internet unless I'm using WiFi. So ofcourse they try to trouble shoot it and that doesn't work so then they get Motorola on the line and this girl knows even less than the last one. On top of that she can't even speak English. Are you ************ kidding me!   What a wast of my time. In the end they couldn't fix ********

I'll never buy another Motorola phone and I'll probably just cancel Verizon since they don't have service in my area anyway. Which btw, I live in LA but my house is on top of a hill where Verizon has no service so they told me I can cancel my contract anytime. Too bad for them!

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