Droid Turbo Screen Replacement

Two weeks ago I purchased a Droid Turbo though Amazon. A day ago, I dropped the phone and a slight crack appeared in the lower right corner. After calling Verizon technical support there seemed to be a question of whether the agreement would be honored since I bought it through a third party. The phone was also used or refurbished. I was transferred to Motorola, but according to them they will only replace the Blue Droid Turbo's since that is not sold by Verizon and exclusively is at Best Buy? Does this leave me with no other options, or will Verizon still honor their agreement since the phone is less then a year old and by looking at the IMEI they can see the phone's history and know that the screen has never been replaced?

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Re: Droid Turbo Screen Replacement
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Having a broken phone is never fun! I am sorry to hear your phone has a physical damage. You deserve to be provided with clear and correct information at all times. Your phone comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty as long as it is purchased brand new. The manufacturer's warranty covers your phone for any malcfunctioning or defect within the phone. A lost, stolen, liquid or physical damaged device is not covered by the warranty. Your phone would be covered under insurance upon opening a claim if you added insurance prior to this happening. To confirm, do you have insurance on this line? You might also check for upgrade eligibility by dialing #UPG from your phone for a new device. Please keep us posted. 

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