Droid Turbo update prevents required permission changes

Since my required update to my Droid Turbo, all of my apps require me to approve or deny specific permission settings before I am able to use the app. Either choice I make, I receive a message of Screen Overlay detected and I am instructed to turn this off in app permissions. Sometimes the app has this feature enabled, other times, it does not. I am not able to change this permission because the slider bar is grey. I am unable to use many apps that I have because of this. what is Verizon or Motorola doing to correct this problem? I have begun uninstalling apps that I am no longer able to use due to being unable to change required permission settings!

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Re: Droid Turbo update prevents required permission changes
Verizon Employee

This is not the device experience we wanted you to have. I know you rely on the performance of your phone heavily and I would love the opportunity to get this resolved for you. Have you tried to perform a factory reset to resolve these issues?