Droid rzr hd battery dying

About 3 weeks ago I had to get my droid rzr replaced due to it dying incredibly fast.  I thought that it was due to the age of my phone (1year old) and even though it seemed to go hand in hand with an update, I paid the 150$ for the replacement.   For the last three weeks I have downloaded no apps onto my phone and had avoided the updates for it and it worked AWESOME!   Two days ago I bit the bullet and allowed my phone to update.  I've been losing power quickly every day since.  In fact, today I unplugged my phone at 639 am.   It is 730am and I'm down to 80%.  I'm using an ipad to write this.   Clearly I am upset and I do not want to have to pay another $150 deductible to have this corrected....again.  Any thoughts on what to do?

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