Droid turbo not showing files on computer

My Droid turbo is not showing files to transfer to computer. It connects and shows on my computer but doesn't show any files. I have tried a different cable, restarting phone and computer, and different USB port. I can't find the the USB sharing option on this phone and it doesn't pop up on phone when I connect it to the computer. I have done this multiple times with this phone but it won't let me today. My storage is getting full so I need to backup and delete pictures. Thanks

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Re: Droid turbo not showing files on computer
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Being able to manage the storage on your phone is very essential to being able to save all of those pictures and videos that you take over time WHIT0107. We understand how important it is to be able to save those to external sources to free up the data. Has there been any recent software updates or new apps downloaded to the phone since the last time you were able to use the USB port to connect to the computer successfully?


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