Droiz Razormaxx HD won't turn on.

I throw my phone on the charger every night before I go to bed. I wake up to find that the green light is now running constantly and not flashing. I press the power button to bring it to the main screen, but it does nothing. I take out the charger, and green light goes away, but phone does not turn on. I try holding the power button to see if it was shut off somehow, but nothing. I even tried pressing both buttons for a reset and still nothing. Is there anyway I can fix this without taking it to a Verizon Store?

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Re: Droiz Razormaxx HD won't turn on.
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Let's wake up your phone completely and make sure it keeps running all throughout the day! Please launch your Smart Actions app and ensure everything is disabled. If you continue to have this problem, unplug the phone from the charger once it's done chargind and press the volume down key power button at the same time for 1 minute; the phone will restart.

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