Email not updating
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I Have added my gmail and yahoo email to the email app provided on my droid maxx and it will not update when new email arrives I have to go in and manually  refresh it. I really don't want to download another app when there is one provided Id just like to resolve the issue with the current app.  I have deleted and re added the accounts several times with no luck. I have only had my phone a couple days and this is really frustrating. I just want to be able to check both of my email accounts in the app provided with the phone.

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Re: Email not updating

If you haven't tried this you might gives this a try,   power cycle the phone followed up by clearing of cache partition and if you haven't cleared your in box & out box on the main email on your P.C. you might give that a try too just to see if that might help..

Hope this Helps.. Let me know if this fixes the issue. Smiley Happy b33