Email too big

I just got a new droid Maxx. On my old razr, I could shrink the email so it displayed completely across. I can't do this with my new phone. This is useless. I refuse to have a phone where I have to scroll back and forth to read each line.

I want a solution or this phone is going back. Of course, not any reasonable options left. Samsung is blowing up their customers, apple won't "play" with others. I guess lg is next.

There is no excuse for user unfriendly functionality.

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Re: Email too big
Customer Service Rep

HILLTOP4BR, we want to ensure you're able to read your emails with ease. I welcome the opportunity to address your inquiry. I just need a few details first. Are you using the Droid Maxx or Droid Maxx2? Also, do you have a General Settings option in your Email App Settings that allow you to select the Auto-Fit Messages so that they can shrink to fit the screen?

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