Excessive data usage in one 24 hour period
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On March 28 I received a low data alert on my Moto Z Force.  By the time I called Verizon support I had gone over my plan limit.  I have a 12 GB plan, shared between my wife and myself.   Over the past year, I have rarely gone over using 6 or 7 GB, and have never come close to using all 12 GB.

In checking data usage on both phones (we each have the Moto Z Force) i found no unusual activity or data usage on my wife's phone, but discovered a HUGE spike on my phone...close to 6 GB of use in about a 24 hour period! 

Verizon support, pleasant and attentive, offered the following solution: upgrade to a new higher data plan!   This means, of course, more $ out of my pocket, but there was no interest in the root cause of the trouble. 

I spent several hours online researching and getting help from other user forums and finally identified the Chrome browser as the culprit.  I have now put my phone on lock-down...especially chrome browser, and the rate of data use has quieted down.

I still have not been able to figure out what was going on with Chrome and am curious to see if I am not alone here in the Verizon world. 

While researching this problem, several other users on other carriers who experience almost identical problems, said that their carrier credited their data use, as the usage spike was clearly an anomaly and not anything approaching historical use on their accounts.  

With my experience on Verizon, the solution they offered was to bump me up to a higher cost 16 GB plan...even though I've never used more than 6 or 7 GB.   I suppose it's an easier solution, and more profitable for Verizon, but still doesn't help with understanding why my phone sucked up all that data in such a short time.

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Re: Excessive data usage in one 24 hour period
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JGwiz, we can certainly understand your concern with the excessive data usage that occurred on your account. It appears that you found the reason that this usage spike happened and we have no new information on why Google Chrome cause this issue. What we can do is look over your additional concerns and help in any way possible. To begin, please look for a Private Message from us.


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