Feeling duped

I bought into Verizon service at the SETX state fair. I was to recevied two phone only got one and a 200.00 rebate . finially they said they are working on it. I had insurence then I dropped the dang thing and the screen blacked out on me. The only  way I can get another phone I have to pay out 300.00 dollars of course its right after the holidays so who has an extra 300.00 dollars right now. The CS rep told me to take one of my old phone to a Verizon store they will put in a sim card and i would be good until i can get another phone. I got laughed out of the store, now I paid my bill ,broke and don,t have a phone. To make matters worse I am watching football alday full of Verizon commericials talking about how Verizon is. Well I cannot write down my true thoughts. They are offering all kinds of deals with free phones to lure in more suckers and I want is a dang phone so I can use the services that i am paying for. Verizon give me a PHONE.

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Customer Service Rep

We want to ensure you have a working, reliable device. Do you have an old device you could activate or borrow from someone? We have cost effective devices available as well. You can use this link: https://www.verizonwireless.com/smartphones/#retail , and click on the drop down menu for Sort By and click Price Low-High to see all of our devices in order by pricing.