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Forgotten PIN

I recently changed my PIN to phone and now can not remember it. I can't use phone at all. Does anyone know how I can reset the stupid thing.

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Re: Forgotten PIN

Customer Service might be able to Help you out of this Fix, Taking it to a Corporate store and having them flash it will clear it as well) Or try and doing a Factory Reset:

  Follow the steps outlined below:   b33

If the phone is on but the screen is Dark press the VOL UP + VOL DOWN KEY together + PWR KEY . Do this till the screen comes on and the goes off when that happens keep the Volume buttons pressed but Let off the power button This takes a few tries to get the pattern Down right.!

  1. The device will enumerate with different BOOT OPTIONS
  2. Use the  VOL DOWN  Key to SCROLL the Selection's and  VOL UP  Key to SELECT    You'll want to SelectRECOVERY
  3. Select Recovery:  You Have 5 to 10 to Sec. to Select this Feature or it will kick the Process out. An you will have to Start Over Again!!
  4. The device will start with the Motorola logo and change to little Android with an Exclamation mark
  5. On ( Motorola's )  Press the  Volume  Down Key for 5 sec. while still holding the Volume Down key Press and Release the Volume Up Key that will initiate the Next Screen.
  6. The device will display a  BLUE Text on a Black background .
  7. Use the VOL DOWN Key to scroll DOWN and the PWR Key to SELECT the option desired .
  8. In this case , press the VOL DOWN key till the Wipe data / factory reset is selected and press the PWR key to confirm the selection .
  9. Use the VOL DOWN key again to select YES - delete all user data and press the PWR key to CONFIRM .
  10. The device will then start performing the Factory Data Reset
  11. Once the Formatting is complete , press the PWR key to confirm a REBOOT
  12. The message rebooting is displayed on the phone.
  13. The device will reboot and start the normal power up sequence .

     Here are the Steps Via Motorola:

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Re: Forgotten PIN
Customer Support

Thanks B33 for the help. I appreciate you taking the time to help out.


Where you able to reset the phone with the suggestions provided by B33?

If you are unable to unlock the phone with the hard reset you may want to take into a VZW store to see if the phone can be flashed.


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Re: Forgotten PIN

Your Welcome John  b