Free Samsung S23 offer not being honored
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In August 2023 I received a misleading email offering a new Samsung S23 on them by trading in my current Samsung phone. I used the chat on-line to order and explained the offer I was referring to and they had me sign a contract as if I bought the phone for $800. The offer said I would get $800 off with my trade-in. The person on the chat said that I had to agree to the contract and then an adjustment would be made after my trade-in was received. The phone was fine other than a crack in the screen and as I did the trade-in online with assistance, it said the estimated trade-in value was $800. 

Needless to say that after almost a month I received an email stating that my trade-in value was $10.00?!? I am being charged the full price of @800 for the new phone  and my bill has increased by $30 a month! I have called in September and the info was to be sent to correct this, and again in October and never received an email on the dispute or have an adjustment made to the bill, I will try calling again today and asking for a manger, but it may still be in vain. The offers are worded so an average person will end up paying full price. This is an awful way to treat loyal customers. I have always had Verizon, first for a landline and for twenty some years as a mobile user.

Re: Free Samsung S23 offer not being honored
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semartin58, it's important to get the right trade-in promotion you qualify for. I want you to benefit from that promo and we've got tools we can use to help fix things. I'd be happy to help take a look at this problem with you, and help get things sorted out. Sending a Private Note to you, so we can get started.