Frequent crashes, settings reset, and other issues...

I've had a Moto Z Force w/expanded battery essentially welded to it since August of 2016, and the fact that I'm making device payments built in to the plan rather than having bought it outright is probably the only reason I haven't dumped it for something else yet.

Issue 1) Display freaks out - This was a problem from day one, but only appears once a month or so (that I notice). For just a second or two the entire screen freaks out, displaying what I can only describe as pixel confetti (that's a technical term). Disturbing, but doesn't stop me from using the phone otherwise.

Issue 2) Unending "Do not disturb" - When setting "Do not disturb" from the menu bar (as opposed to decreasing volume below "vibrate"), an option appears to set a duration. This setting does not always appear to be respected, as on multiple occasions I have had the phone remain silent after the chosen period had elapsed. I've since just stopped trying to use this feature and toggled the setting manually.

Issue 3) Battery life - Like I said above, I picked up an extended battery moto mod (specifically the wireless charging version) when I switched to this phone, and I suppose I'm thankful that I did; as I now keep a charger at my office so that I can make it through the work day even with the extended battery. I don't know how this phone is usable without the battery mod.

Issue 4) Power cycling - Over the past 4-5 months, the device has started power cycling itself occasionally during use, either rebooting entirely or just shutting down without warning (with significant battery remaining). A bit more disturbing, but as it conveniently appeared just after the 1 year warranty expired I've just dealt with it.

Issue 5) App permissions reset - 2-3 weeks ago, all application permissions were removed on the phone somehow. I'm still finding things that aren't set as I wander into less frequently used apps.

Issue 6) Device settings lost - Within the past week, all of my active apps crashed and my background disappeared. I attempted to reboot the device, the process of which locked up. After a hard reboot, the background was reset to the device default and while I never use it (phone lives in vibrate mode), my ringtone was set to "unknown ringtone" and I got some sort of generic beeping tone the next time I received a call (despite being set to vibrate; this behavior has not continued).

After being less than happy with my previous Turbo, I'm underwhelmed yet again with a Motorola / Moto device that was supposedly a flagship model. At this point, I'm not even exactly sure what I want fixed, if anything. I'd love to give the device back in exchange for termination of payments, and pick something up from a different manufacturer. Are there any options along that front? Or, assuming that these are issues that aren't present in other Moto Z Force phones, how much would it cost me to replace this one with a refurbished model to ride out the remainder of these device payments with?

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Re: Frequent crashes, settings reset, and other issues...
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I want you to have a working phone, jjayers99. There are many issues going on with your phone and I want to get them addressed. I will be sending you a private message.


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