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Avoided the new update for weeks and finally caved, knowing something would go wrong. So it updated last night to 4.4.4 and front facing camera is not an option in the camera app. Disapled, enabled, cleared data, cleared cash, installed another camera app, rebooted and rebooted and Nada. This update caused the problem. How do I get the front facing camera back? And I don't want the standard factory reset answer because this has worked for no one and it will then update to the new OS again and problem will be back.

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I'd be just as bummed out with a camera issue, visualphotographer. Here to help out with your front facing camera issues.

With your Camera app, is the Camera flip icon missing as well if you hold your phone in landscape mode?

The symbol should appear on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Looking over other forum posts, a customer stated they got their front facing camera working after a factory restart, syncing their Google account, and slowing adding prior installed apps.

These steps may come in handy. If it does not populate back up, I recommend reaching out to our tech support to review warranty options if available.


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