GPS signal - none at all or incorrect location

I have a driod rzr maxx HD that had issues with the GPS since I started using it. I have tried all kinds of fixes including "GPS Status", clearing all cache, turning Bluetooth on and off, rebooting phone, uninstalling Waze and other apps, and a bunch of other stuff. No luck with any fixes I found. When I open "GPS status" it never gets a lock. When I use Google maps, foursqueare, or Yelp, it either cant find my location or is usually way off. It also drops GPS often. Im desperate for a fix since I use GPS daily. I have read all kinds of forums and no one seems to know the issue. Might have to switch to iPhone but really really don't want to.  Please help!

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Re: GPS signal - none at all or incorrect location
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  I had a similar problem once and the root cause was my Mobile network settings. Providers have reciprocal use agreements and if you have "data roaming" OFF, your phone will only stream data across Verizon cell towers. Go to->settings->more->Wireless & networks->Mobile networks. Make sure the phone is set for "Global data roaming access for all trips." Next, check your "Network Mode." It should be set for either "Global" or "LTE/CDMA". I have mine on Global.

NEXT: Go to->settings->Location access and turn on everything! Access to my location, GPS Satellites, verizon location services, and Google wi-Fi & mobile network location.

LASTLY: Settings->Accounts->Google->location settings->"Let Google apps access your location" ON

This should solve your GPS, and Google maps / Waze issues.