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Getting your Widgets back like you are used to Android 4.4.4 on Droid Turbo

Here is a detailed explanation of accessing your Widgets on a Droid Turbo phone. This seems to be lacking in detail on the forums.

OLD WAY: Once you went into apps/settings you saw a tab for Widgets. No longer there for a droid turbo. It is there on my MotoX 1st generation but

not this droid turbo.

NEW WAY: You must press and hold on a Home Screen that has some room to add a icon. This does not work from the first Home Screen in my experience. If all your

home screens are maximimum filled with icons/widegets yhen this will not work. If this is your case then drag one icon to a new home screen then proceed

from that new home screen.

Doing this as I instructed, then you will see:

Wallpapers--Widgets--Settings icons at the bottom of the screen. Press Widgets then you will see your selections.

Removing a Widget from a given home screen is the same as removing a shortcut icon. Click and Drag to the Remove at the top.

This answer took (3) phone calls with VZ support (They did not know), and (2) phone calls with Motorola support level 1. And the motorola people did not

know they just happened across it while remote controlling my phone through Rescue app.

Remeber one thing: Every feature that is or is not there on this phone came at the request of VZ. Including all the default settings. Every single one.

If you do not like apps like NFL mobile being installed on your phone, that is solely a VZ decision. If you do not like the on phone GPS being disabled

by default under the guise "Battery Saving", then that was VZ decision. Every minute aspect of this droid turbo phone was decided by VZ, not Motorola.

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