Gray Wifi status no internet access Droid MAXX


Just came over to Android from iphone and am EXTREMELY frustrated at learning the phone. I am having an issue with wifi setup. I am connected to the router, the router is connected to the internet (verified with my ipad) but my wifi symbol is grayed out and I have no internet access through my browser or apps. I AM showing small up and down arrows within the symbol like the phone is sending and receiving data, but again, no web access..... This is just the first of a long list of frustrations I have with the Droid. Someone please help before I take this thing back and go back to the iphone.

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Re: Gray Wifi status no internet access Droid MAXX
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Hello kendelrio. Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues connecting to your WiFi at home. Are you able to connect to any other wifi locations, or do you receive the same result with your Droid Maxx? Have you ever been able to connect?


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