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How can I create a texting group so that when I send a text message, I can select my group name and it will automatically populate a pre-set group of phone numbers, rather than me having to type them one at a time every time I want to send a text to that select bunch of people? 


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Re: Group text messages
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DaveC71, the Droid Turbo is a great phone that has amazing features. Let’s look more into this together so you can start enjoying the group messages. To clarify, did you want to select a certain group at one time? What messaging application are you using?
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Re: Group text messages
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If you have a "Group" saved in your contact list, and you are using the Verizon Messages app, you can star

t typing the name of the group into the To: field and tap it when it shows on the list.  Tap the avatar again to get a list of all the contacts in that group, and check off the  ones you want to send to.

Once you have initiated or been part of that group conversation, just return to it on the conversation list to send more texts to and from that same group.  You can't add or remove anyone from that group, but you can initiate a new conversation with a different group if needed.

If you are using a different texting app, or your contact list doesn't support Groups, the steps will be different.