Haptic Feedback and Vibration not consistant

I have had recent problems with my Razr Maxx, mainly with the vibration feature not working consistantly.  This phone is having several issues:

(1) Vibration: When I have an alarm set, it doesnt always vibrate, thus not waking me up.  I am deaf (wear hearing-aid, but not to bed) so what I do is have my alarm set for vibrate AND sound in case a family member is home to hear it.  I put the phone in my hand, and put a sock over my hand so I cant let go of the phone in my sleep.  Has been working out great, but here recently it hasnt vibrated and I have been late to get up for work (not fun).

(2) Haptic Feedback when you press buttons, like menu, home, back, etc ... sometimes it vibrates, sometimes it dont, sometimes it freezes up for awhile.

(3) Headphone jack, when I plug in external speakers, the jack doesnt seem to work right, and I have tried other plugs too and the same thing happens.

you have to move the plug just right and keep it there in order for the sounds to be played through external speakers, if it moves or anything then everything stops and you gotta fiddle with the plug and start up the music again (PITA)

I do have insurance/equipment protection on my phone, and I really need a different one, just doesnt seem to work right.

My next question is, is the Razr Maxx still available for replacements?

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Re: Haptic Feedback and Vibration not consistant
Customer Service Rep

Hi jmbode67,

We truly want your Razr Maxx to be functioning the way you need it to! Regarding vibrate, have you tried turning vibrate mode off and back on? To do so, go to Settings > Sound > deselect "Vibrate when ringing" and then reselect it. (Enabled when a check mark is present.)

It sounds like your phone is freezing up sometimes. Have you tried clearing things like call history, text message threads, and any applications you're not using? It's possible the phone needs some space freed up in order to run smoothly.

The third thing you mentioned was the headphone jack. Is there any debris in there? I recommend checking and trying to clear the headphone jack. Any of our corporate stores should be able to help with this- our store locator is at http://bit.ly/3SdsA

If you do have insurance, do you also have the extended warranty? Insurance requires a deductible, is through Asurion, and covers replacements for lost, stolen, or damaged phones. The extended warranty gives you a free replacement for anything else. We can determine at the time of ordering a replacement (if you need to) whether there are any in stock.

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