Has anyone got a fix yet for Kitkat bluetooth problems?

I have been looking at the forums and while several people seem to be have the problem, Verizon does not seem to have a real fix.

My biggest problem (so far) with the Kit Kat update is that the Bluetooth audio has become unreliable.

First the connection to my laptop to sinc files etc via blue tooth quit.  No big I can still connect via USB and all still works.

This morning I received a business call and answered via Bluetooth and in the middle of the call, Bluetooth stopped!

Now I am not a techno geek, but neither am I new to this shindig so I have tried rebooting the phone, rebooting in Safe mode, turning off and on the Bluetooth and nothing has changed.  Interestingly the tethering/router still works (for now).  If that stops than this phone is useless to me.

Come on Verizon!  It all worked before the update!  Put it back!

I would also like to submit my vote that the new texting is inferior to the old.  What a pain to loose the multiple delete capabilities!

In general I am not wild about any of Kit kat.  I have more trouble with getting and maintaining a 4g connection, too.

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