Having problems restoring data to a from Cloud on a new Turbo.

I got a new Droid Turbo, moving from a Razr Maxx HD.   The technician in the store set up to restore data from the "Cloud".  My pictures and video restored but not to the app I expected.  Instead of being in Gallery they ended up in Photos.  Any new pictures I'm taking show in both Gallery and Photos.

My music files do not show in Play Music (aka Google Play Music) even though the restore process said all 56 songs were restored.   Also, I lost any purchased ringtones.   Spent over an hour on the phone yesterday with Verizon support but they were unable to help me.  Most of what they asked me to do, I had already tried with no success.

The music files seem to be fine on the Cloud.  I can login from a computer and play the music.  Only one song actually restored to the phone and it is the only one I can play via the Cloud app on the phone, even though the other 55 songs show within the app.  Something peculiar happens when I open a song to play in the Cloud app.  The button to Play/Pause flashes between states (playing/pausing) and then a message displays that there is nothing left on the queue to play.  The only song that will play is the one that restored to "Play Music".   I took a shot and removed all the updates for the "Play Music" app and I was then able to play other songs, but this didn't last as the updates again downloaded and installed.   I suspect that my problem are a caused by a something in the updated "Cloud" app.

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Re: Having problems restoring data to a from Cloud on a new Turbo.
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I love music myself Artbowie! I want to make sure you are able to listen to your music. I want to make sure we find out what's going on with your pictures. When you download your pictures it should go to your gallery but create a sub folder. When you downloaded your music are you able to see it in one of your My Files when you go to Settings?
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