Hearing problem

All of a sudden people can't hear me when I call them or when they call me on my MOTO Z2 Play. I rebooted my phone & also togled off & on from advanced hearing in the sound section but nothing will work.

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Re: Hearing problem
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It’s critical that both parties can hear each other on a call, CNIECYB. We appreciate all you’ve done so far to troubleshoot. Let’s keep working on the steps. We’d like you to make sure the Bluetooth is turned off, and that there’s nothing physically blocking the microphone. Also, when on a call, please ensure the “Mute” button is not activated. If you’re unsure how to locate the mute button, see page 24 here https://ss7.vzw.com/is/content/VerizonWireless/Devices/Motorola/MotoZ2Play/userguides/motorola-motoz...  After making all the changes, power the phone off for a minute once more, then power it back on. Please share your results here.




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