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I've sent the first Moto Z force droid back because of a defect. The replacement phone that I received I can hear static when I'm talking to someone more than once.  Was wondering if I'm entitled to get another replacement as long as I'm under warranty.

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As long as there is no physical damage to this replacment device, and it is within 1 year of your receiving it-- should still be under warranty against manufacturers defects though standard troubleshooting steps are still going to be required to be completed prior to replacement being sent out.

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TARCOL99, we always want you to have a working phone that you can rely on. The Moto Z Force is still under a year old so it's definitely covered under your original manufacturer's warranty as long as there's no physical or liquid damage to this particular device. Based on your purchase date and any insurance features that you may have added, you may have extended coverage to go beyond the first 12 months.


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