How can I escalate a problem with Droid Turbo 2?

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I spent most of the morning yesterday on the phone with Verizon Support (Tier 1 & Tier 2).  My husband and I both have Droid Turbo 2 phones. We've had these phones 10 months.  At the time of purchase, we included "Total Equipment Coverage" for both phones and we still maintain this coverage.

During the last two weeks, he has had increasing issues with his phone.  The phone will not charge normally.  When using the charger that came with the phone, we get the message "please use the charger that came with the phone for faster charging".  I can charge my phone with the same charger with no issues.  We've tried his phone on my charger - same issue.

Anyway, yesterday, we went through every trouble shooting step imaginable, up to and including a factory reset of the phone.  The phone charged somewhat normally one time.  When we went to bed last night, his phone was at 40% and he placed it on charge. It appeared to be charging when we went to bed.  This morning, the phone was at 5% battery, but still appeared to be "charging" based on the indicators on the phone.

So, Verizon support finally transferred me to Motorola "because we are still under factory warranty".   Motorola gave me two options, neither of which seem remotely reasonable since I pay for "total" protection with Verizon.  My options were to send my husband's phone back, where motorola would repair or replace his device.  This could take up to two weeks, during which time, my husband would have no phone - OR - Motorola would send us a new device immediately, but would place a $500 hold on our credit card pending receipt of the old phone.

All of this is supposedly because we purchased a "design by you" phone (again, purchased through Verizon, not Motorola) instead of an off the shelf phone.  We offered to take an off the shelf phone as replacement and were told that they couldn't do that?  WHAT??  What am I paying the insurance for exactly?

I want to speak to someone up the line that can escalate this issue.  We are paying for a $600 phone that is practically useless and I am not at all happy about it.

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Sounds like you are having similar trouble..... I built a "custom" Droid Turbo 2 new 5 months ago, don't buy any extra Verizon coverage and now the battery all of a sudden won't hold a charge.  I'll plug it into the wall and take it out and before my eyes the battery goes from 100% to 96% to 78% and tells me I have 30 min of usage left after a full charge.  Phone worked pretty well for 5 months.  There were a couple of times after I first noticed this problem where miraculously my phone took a charge and lasted a couple of days.  Right now though, it barely holds 20 min of charge.

I went to a local Verizon store and those morons just wanted to see about upgrading my parents' phones or worried about the fact I don't have insurance with them.  Their suggestions to go to the Battery store would have probably voided any warranty with Motorola.  I call Motorola; get someone on the line with poor English, and if I can't troubleshoot the problem myself, I have to mail in the phone.  The phone is my business and I cannot be without it.

So frustrating.  Have avoided doing a factory reset.  I am not a tech; I didn't buy this Motorola phone to become an expert on how they work or to become a Verizon troubleshooter.  I will have to try to update some things and then do a factory reset and my anxiety is high because I know it won't go smoothly.  I have wasted hours on this and I bill a fair amount for my time as a businessman, so besides the frustration, I am losing valuable time.  I KNOW FOR A FACT that Motorola could have techs to talk us through the fix, but they would rather we send the phone back for some reason for repairs.  I have been with Verizon too long; after this contract, no more Motorola, no more Verizon and I have already sworn off iPhones after my other one died after 2 years (coincidently when my contract was up).  If anyone has a solution, it would be greatly appreciated.  Good luck to those with this battery draining problem.

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If you actually submit a claim to the insurance, it isn't through Verizon Wireless or Motorola. The insurance is through Asurion. Phone Insurance - Warranty - Tech Support | Asurion

Based on the description you have given, you more likely have a warranty claim and the process is what you have already started. Do you have an old phone your husband could use in the interim? Could you borrow from a friend or family member who has an extra device?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.