How can I move apps to an SD card that's formatted as portable storage?
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I had trouble with my phone restarting at random. So, I decided to reset it and reformat the SD card that was formatted as internal storage. However, after formatting the card as internal storage again, settings showed 76gb of the 200gb card used as system files! When I formatted the card as portable storage, settings properly showed only 2.4mb out of 183gb being used before loading anything to the card.

I suspect there's a problem with the SD card itself, but want to try to use it in the portable mode to store the many apps and music files I have until I get another one.

The SD card is a SanDisk and worked fine for a year.

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Re: How can I move apps to an SD card that's formatted as portable storage?
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We definitely want you to get the most out of your SD Card, JC4295. When the SD Card is formatted as Portable Storage, you cannot download applications to the SD Card. When you have the SD Card formatted as Internal Storage, apps and data may be preferentially assigned to the SD Card, which may explain why the system files were on there, but not why the system files on the device were 76GB. Do you know what type of SD Card you are using? Motorola recommends that you use a UHS-1 type SD card for internal storage, and does not recommend using Class 2 and Class 4 micro SD cards as adopted internal storage.



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