How could I file complaint?

I have been in the store a least 3 times asking about dropped call issues, coverage area, dropped contacts and songs. I had a new sim card put in which did nothing. How are you suppose to get in touch with someone at Verizon or Motorola and register a complaint. Have been a customer for many years and it seems like every time we get a motorola phone the quality has gone down and the more strings Verizon throws up to try and get a new phone. At this point I will never get another motorola phone again. Problems with this phone began almost immediately and when I finally said this is not really working for us, it was like okay we can put you in a new phone but my bill would skyrocket in costs, because my husband would need a new phone also.

I remember when our electric and/ or water bill was highest bill I had, and now my cell phone bill has tripled in costs. I have to have a good dependable phone with excellent reception.

One plus, I am very happy that they have more people in the stores to supply customer service so you don't have the 2 and 3 hour wait times.

I would love to hear from some at Verizon or at Motorola, that could actually come up with a viable result that would drain my finances and store my respect for these companies, but day by day that seems unrealistic.

Is anyone else having these issues and what have you done?

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Re: How could I file complaint?

My advice to you is go prepaid and get a cheap phone. No contact, so if you don't like the phone, you get another one. A $100 or less phone, for example, won't even need insurance, it's so cheap. Forget $500 phones and 2 year contacts. Once the merchant/manufacturer/dealer/vendor/business/corporation has your money in their pockets, they can care less about you and your needs. This is true for almost every kind of sales transaction you can think of. Forget about cell phones, keep that in mind next time you buy a car!! The only reasons I brought this DROID Turbo was because I was with Sprint Prepaid/Virgin Mobile for many years, I got tired of their 3G data network, and many times you would call my phone and even with full signal bars would still go to voicemail. Plus, I needed a phone with at least 3GB of RAM, a kick ass processor, etc. for my new job, I do a lot of driving/navigation now. I neeeded the reliability of Verizon's network.Those prepaid phones, while good in their own right, just became a hassle for me. But for most people, a prepaid phone on Verizon is a pretty good deal now that prices for data plans have dropped across the board.