How do I access my music from an SD card I inserted in my phone?

I purchased a new 16GB SD card and using my computer, stored lots of music on it. I've inserted the card into my Droid Razr M, but how do I tell music to look at the SD card for my music?

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Re: How do I access my music from an SD card I inserted in my phone?
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Having lots of music downloaded is a great way to not only enjoy what you want, ssg978,  but also avoid any extra data used from music streaming. My brother does the same thing with his phone. It's possible that your phone isn't able to find the music files since they aren't saved in a place where it will look.

If you access the storage menu on your phone, does it recognize the SD card? You might need to format the memory card through the phone itself: . After that, download a music file through the phone itself, like through Amazon Music or any other music service you might have. Just be sure to use WiFi for any downloads. This will put a music file folder on your phone, which you can then add additional music from your computer in to it.

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