How do I set my camera to face me when I use Periscope?

Whenever I go live on Periscope the only view my camera allows is away from me (like I'm filming/taking a picture of something). I can't get it to change to "selfie" mode. Help!

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Re: How do I set my camera to face me when I use Periscope?
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We understand that having the options you want on your phone is a must, mfarleypdx. Typically, this would be a feature or option of the app and not your phone though. We do not support apps that are not made by us, but we want to be as helpful as we can be for all our valuable customers.

Checking with the app developer, they say you can flip the camera by double tapping the screen while taking a video. Another way is to swipe down so the app displays the stop bottom and they say a flip camera button will show there.

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