How do I stop Visual Voice mail prompts?

How do I stop Visual Voice mail prompts?  I do not use it and do not want that featrure but the constant prompts are driving me nuts.  I also read that it will not work anyway when connected via Wi Fi.  I am connected to Wi Fi nearly all the time.  I just want it to stop asking and let my normal Voice Mail work as it should.

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Re: How do I stop Visual Voice mail prompts?
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We don't want you to keep getting notifications that you do not want on your phone, maverick50. We are here to help get those to stop. Typically, to stop those notifications you would launch the Voice Mail app on your phone. Once in the app you would then tap on the Menu icon which is 3 dots on the upper right part of the screen. Then you would tap on Do not want to subscribe or upgrade.
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Re: How do I stop Visual Voice mail prompts?
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I have the same problem and when I go into the app, it says that the function is blocked on my phone and I need to call customer service.  There were no three dots anywhere to make any changes to the settings of the app.

Shirl Talbott