How do I stop fast battery discharge on my Z Force Droid?

My Motorola Z-Force Droid has been in service for 21 months.  I use it with an Incipio Moto-Mod battery.  Recently, the phone has been heating up when using the Kindle app, as well as when wireless charging.  I bought a new Incipio battery (I wanted an extra one anyway)  Same behavior.  I lowered the screen brightness, checked Power consumption - Shows screen at 4%, Voice calls at 3%, Android system at 3%, Android OS at 2%, and SecureAnywhere, Pandora, Chrome, Google Services and Amazon Kindle all at 1%.  A battery without the phone charges normally, no heat.  Why the change in phone behavior?

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Re: How do I stop fast battery discharge on my Z Force Droid?
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nultech11, we want you to make the most of our you Motorola Z-Force Droid. We’re here to help and we want to make sure that we have an accurate understanding of what’s taking place – especially since it sounds like you’ve made quite a few changes recently. Can you tell us when you began to notice the change in the behavior with your battery? Do you recall any changes that occurred on the device at that time? Also, do you notice the same experience when you’re not using the Incipio Moto-Mod battery?



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