How many do not like the new update for the droid maxx? How do you unupdate your phone?
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The alarm clock is harder to manage. Before it was nice neat simple and easily readable. I have 4 alarms I use. I change the times around sometimes and I used to be able to see them all. I pick the one I want. Quick 2 sec change and done.
Now its large and harder to read. Go into the Alarm and you have to go around. I used to just type the hr I want or scroll up.
After selecting an alarm. When I was done. I could easily select the next one I wanted because It would revert back to neat simple view. Not now. That alarm takes up the whole screen.

When unlocking the screen I used to be able to go left to get straight to the phone. Go down for a text. Not anymore.

When in a call and I changed apps. I could go back to the phone by selecting the phone pic. The dial pad would be right there. Switch the speaker on and off.
Now once I switch out from phone and I can't get back to the dial pad.

From home screen scroll left to bring up

bluetooth and so on.

I select the on off for wifi in 1 second. Nope. Have to go into the option and change it.

It updated my google maps. I don't like the new one and I can't change it back to the original. On the original I used to be and to look at different options to my routing. Now thats not possible.

Hasn't any business ever heard of the term.

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Another thing I noticed.
When on the internet using chrome. Which I do not like on the computer and don't like firefox on phone.

I can't swipe the pages anymore to go to the next page. It takes me a few seconds to figure it.
I used to just swipe and done. Now I keep thinking my phone is broke before I remember I have to pull the phone down to get the toolbar. Click the multiple page button then find the page I wanted.

I usually charge while sleeping.
Today I tried to charge the battery during the day for the 1st time after the update.
I was at 15%. I had it on the charger for about 2 hrs. It got up to 20%.

It used to take 2-3hrs to charge the whole thing.
Why o why. Is this some way to get us to go in and get a new.

We don't buy phones without some idea to the way it operates. Wither by seeing someone else. Messing with it in the store when we bought it.

The way it was is the way we want it. Keep changing things in the middle of use and you'll see how fast you don't get repeat business.

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New update on yet another problem. My phone won't charged when on. It shuts off when low enough on its on. Charges up to 4%. Turn on. Charge goes down and shuts off.
I tried to manually turn off and charge. It will turn itself on at 4%. Then back down and turns off.

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Let's get to the bottom of this! Updates are meant to improve your phone and not cause you headaches!

Did the issues start right after the software update? It is recommended to perform a hard reset after major updates since some 3rd party app may no longer be compatible with the new software. Give this a try and keep us posted if the issue persist.


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Did the issues start right after the software update?

Umm. Yeah. thats usually what happens when you update something. Things change.

I didn't say I didn't want my phone to be improved to work faster.
I did however say I didn't want it completely changed.

The look of it alone causes me headaches.

I don't want you to fix any issues other than getting rid of the update. Thats it. I will be, along with everyone else, will be happy when someone does something to get rid off this ugly looking, update.

Its simple. I just don't want the new look.

If I wanted it to look the way it does now. I would have gone to the store and bought a phone that has this look.
I like the way it was.

I did a factory reset. It does not do anything except remove the settings app and other info.
Then when the phone turned on. It started updating every single app I owned. Its trying to run up my bill.
Let me do this when I am using wifi or something. Not on my service.

Before anyone answers about this.

Go to app store hit stop. Change the settings auto update off.
Didn't work. 10 minutes later while waiting on hold I happen to look at my phone again. It started downloading them all again. I stopped them. Double checked my settings. Made sure auto update was off.

I have a few apps I don't update and they work perfectly fine.
I like them that way.

You should also try the recent app screen/view to switch between apps and the dialer to return to the dialer screen.

Your in a phone call. Go to the home screen. Click the phone button.
3 things come up.

Use touch tone keypad.

Return call in progress.

3rd unimportant for this. I want to see the dialpad.

Option 1. Use touch tone keypad. Select to bring up the dialpad. Ok. Got it.

Option 2. Return to call in progress. Select to ring up the dialpad.....
Hmmm. Option 1 and 2 do exactly the same thing. Now whos bright idea was it to have 2 options in the same menu. To do exactly the same thing.

Why don't we just select the phone and it brings up the dialpad.

Want to add a call.

You could try the recent app screen/view to switch between apps.

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The option to look at alternate routings is still available in the Maps app. You should also try the recent app screen/view to switch between apps and the dialer to return to the dialer screen.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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Not while you are following the route.
Traffic problem Maybe I want to follow part of the route. Then farther down I want to change the route.

Look at the comments while on the app page.