I cannot re- pair my Moto to my car
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After several attempts I was able to pair my phone to my car. One day it would not connect, tried to re- pair, no success. Set everything back to factory, no success. Called GM they said to take it to Verizon. Verizon couldn't fix it. They offered to give me a refurbishished phone. My daughter is having the same issue with her phone so it's obviously the phone.

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Re: I cannot re- pair my Moto to my car
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Having Bluetooth in your car is a great way to be safe while both driving and using the phone together. I certainly appreciate the details you have shared so far, and it sounds like you've done quite a lot of research already. Is the Moto Z able to connect to any other Bluetooth device, or does it act the same way as what you're experiencing with the car connection? Normally in a situation like this, a replacement would correct the issue, especially since it sounds like a hardware defect from your description. Just to clarify, but have you been able to do a full factor reset ( http://vz.to/2b8cULR )? In the interest of making sure all routes were covered, have you reached out to Motorola directly?

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