I cannot send or receive picture messages
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I cannot send or receive picture messages and if I try to send then, the messenger closes. If I try to look at old pictures I have received, messenger closes. It started a few weeks ago by occasionally hiding a text message or picture message but it would show that I had received a message in the notification. If I figured out who sent the message and sent one to them, then I could see the hidden message.  Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Re: I cannot send or receive picture messages

How are you Trying to send them?  if it by Wi-Fi you can't  Picture messages can only be sent while your on Network Data you might check to see how many messages you've sent, it may be you've reached the set level that's stopping the messages or it could be the size of the picture.. there are set levels in picture size if you go over it the message will be rejected.. And it may be all you need to do is Run a System Cache Clear that might clear the issue for ya..

Good Luck.. b33