So I'm here to vent, because of the Marshmallow update to my Droid Turbo(s).

  As I have told customer service, I been a long time customer of VZ, if I need help, I never go into the store because I just don't want to hear anyone's ignorance on telling me what I should try, it have you done this, blah blah blah.

  I get better politeness and tech or customer service when actually on a call, will always listen. I start off b by telling them my issue, what I have tried so far and what can we possibly do now. It saves time.

  So let me Begin by saying, "If it's Not Broke, DO NOT FIX IT! As with other posts, I've seen A LOT of damage happen to people's phones after updating the firmware to the latest. I always try and wait & see how things go. If fact this time I had for a while. I really didn't want to update my original Turbo Ballistic Nylon 64GB, but what choice do any of us ever have?

  So a few months ago, I finally updated the phone. Everything was fine so I thought.

Less than a week later, I was using the phone checking my email. I hav had backed out of the app. Cleared all open apps and windows. Set the phone down, hit the pwr button to close the screen. About 5 minutes later, I pick up the phone hit the power button and my screen flickered and then the left hand side of the screen (vertically right in the center) was grey and white pixles! I was beyond ANGRY, I had done nothing different at all. The screen accepts my touch, but I physically can't see what the screen says. Knowing there was nothing I could do because the phone was out of warranty, I just opted to buy another phone of the same.

  Pricing was pretty high and then I located a owner of a small business who had his sons for sale, but in a 32gb. Phone was only a couple months old.

  After a day or 2 owning it, I started to receive the dreaded Marsh update again. Going against my myself I updated the phone.

Less than a week later I kick myself for ever doing it. The same exact issue happened to my newly purchased phone, but this time the split screen was still vertical and on the RIGHT side of the screen.

  I'm a bit more than [Removed] bcuz of how everything is always handled towards any customers.... The answer we receive is NEVER what we really want to hear..... SEND IT IN AND WE'LL GET ANOTHER PHONE OUT TO YOU. Then there is me, purchasing 2 more Turbo phones and this 3 Turbo I own now I'm NEVER going to update to Marsh. I really don't have money to burn bcuz supposed issues that mean nothing to a perfectly great working phone end up ruining it and it wasn't anything you caused!

The Whole purpose people bought the Droid Turbo was because of how long the battery lasted, but for the most part is was how fast it charged. Now Motorola/Lenovo sends out an update that corrupts the whole purpose of the phone?

I honestly believe that truly [Removed]!

Nothing they do or say will make ANYTHING better to your satisfaction, at least NOT me. I did nothing to ruin any of these phones, but because they are out of warranty, I'm out of pocket for something I couldn't control.

If it only happened to one phone, it could just be random, but when it happens to 2 of my phone's at the opposite sides of the screen, then I find a couple posts that are the same thing and also Turbo 2's..... Sorry, but the issue is NOT me. The phone was perfectly fine before, up until I updated to the latest firmware.

  Can't you just leave things alone? I own the phone, paid in full over a year ago and now you have caused myself and other people to purchase another phone or "Yea we'll replace it for you, just send it in"

Like it's really that easy. Having read numerous times when I know the customer is not in the wrong and you have them jumping through hoops by  clearing cache partition, checking the settings on their battery, or anything else.....it's pretty irritating because basically your making the customer do things that is NOT going to help. Once in a great while, yes it does, but most of the time not. I will NEVER factory reset my phone because it's just a complete [Removed], just like sending it in. You act like it's no big deal, IT IS A BIG DEAL NOW.

Many people have their entire life in their phones and they get let down many times with non comforting words or money being exchanged.

It reminds me of why I will NEVER step foot into AUTO ZONE ever again.  They hire computer literate people who they think is right for a job, but if you've never worked in a car, you are of no use to help people who do.

  " Well if the part should fail sir, just bring it in back in and we'll exchange it for you no problem"

  Bring it back for an exchange no problem? Oh why thank you..... Wouldn't suppose you would extend those insulting words of an easy return and come to my house and remove the part for me like it's really that easy!

  Finally, with these issues with Hyperlinks not working, Charging and Depleting the battery AND ruining displays, HOW ABOUT MOTOROLA SENDS PEOPLE A PATCH FOR THE WRONG THEY HAVE DONE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PHONES AND STOP IGNORING WHAT MARSHMALLOW HAS CAUSED!!!

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