ISIS on Motorola RAZR Maxx?
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Has anyone been able to download ISIS app (mobile wallet) on their Motorola RAZR Maxx? I have the NFC Sim card, but am getting the message that this device is not compatible with ISIS. however, I have seen the Moto RAZR Maxx listed as an eligible device. I have updated to the latest software. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello, wj1

I love the ISIS app! I want to make sure we can get you connected to it so you can start loving it as well. Let's try to power the phone off all the way. Once the phone is shut down all the way please remove the sim card from the device. Leave the sim card out for a good 1-2 minutes. Place everything back into the phone and power it back on. And go back into the Google Play Store, tap on Apps, tap on Verizon, and you should be able to locate Isis Mobile Wallet, tap on that and re try to download the application. Did you just get the NFC sim card recently? Please keep us posted.


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If you Phone is the Droid Razr Maxx it is not Compatible with that App!  Only these can utilize this app.. Moto X users can use it as Well)  A note to be know as far as know all Android units have to be running Kit Kat to use this as I was told by a Verizon Store Rep.. Unless it's verified different.. b33

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