Is the Droid 2 Maxx charging port defective?

This is the second time, I have had to pay a 100.00 insurance deductible on this phone for the same issue.Is the Droid 2 Maxx charging port defective?I am EXTREMELY UPSET and want something done!Someone in charge needs to look at this product quality and fix it or take it off the maket!

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Re: Is the Droid 2 Maxx charging port defective?
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I’m sorry to learn that you have experienced issues with the charging port of your device more than once, SHEALILLY03. I checked my resources and there is no indication of a manufacturers’ defect on the charging port for the Droid Maxx 2. If the charging port is damaged, replacing with an insurance claim is the most cost effective way to replace the damaged device.

You can contact the manufacturer directly to inquire about manufacturers’ potential defects at 800-734-5870. You can also contact Motorola support team online at:


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