Issue downloading group text messages to thread while on a phone call

When group text messages are sent to me while I am on a phone call, they do not download to the group text, but show from the individual person who sent them. Then, when I read the text, it will now show as read, so I have an unread text alert in Messages. The only thing I have been able to do to show it as read is to delete the entire conversation with the individual. This only hapens when I am on a phone call and group texts are being sent to me simultaneously. I am using the Messanger app (green).

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GinjaNinja, I too would be concerned with my group texts not downloading correctly in a thread. Let's do all we can to ensure all populates as needed.

With your Turbo, if you go to Settings > Advanced Calling > Is Advanced Calling active? If yes, is Advanced Calling ON and HD Voice Enabled?

Enabling this feature will allow for simultaneous Voice and Data functionality. The Group MMS threads require Data to function in order for the messages to thread properly, versus appearing individually.

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