Issue with VoLTE calling on Moto Z3 from Asurion

My wife just received a Moto Z3 phone after filing an Asurion insurance claim, which replaced a broken Z2. Now when I call her with my Samsung Galaxy S10e, I cannot hear her. But if she calls me, there are no problems. So, call direction (S10e to Z3) has an issue with the network. After spending hours with various Verizon support folks, I determined they are helpless. They have NO IDEA what they are doing. This is beyond frustrating. 

I decided to try my own things, and determined that if I disable the VoLTE calling my S10e, then I can hear her. Honestly, I didn't even know that was an option and no idea how long I've been using VoLTE to place calls. Maybe it's new, maybe not. 

My conclusion is that the Z3 is not compatible with VoLTE calls. Does that mean the older Z2 was indeed compatible? Or maybe these refurbished phones from Asurion are the only one's with issues? Perhaps they are doing something that unknowingly prevents VoLTE from working? I don't even see a VoLTE option on the Z3. Does this mean some some/all VoLTE calls made to her will have problems? 

Wondering if others have had the same issue. Peace. 

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Re: Issue with VoLTE calling on Moto Z3 from Asurion
Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to hear about your experience. Let's take a step back. Does your device have any sort of damage?-Joel