Issue with my Droid turbo shutting down with full battery??

I'm having the same issue of the phone powering down with plenty of battery remaining.  Upon completion of the shut down the phone displays a completely empty battery icon.  When I attach a charger the battery icon reappears on the screen (today showing 66%). This is simply unacceptable!  It started at about 35% and has now begun to do it with 60+% remaining. I don't have it loaded with apps and photos and I uninstalled any new apps. From my research this seems to be a common problem with the Droid Turbo.  I've done the "Health Check", I've watched video's until it drains to 15% then let it shut down and charged it with the power off hoping to reset the battery monitor.  Nothing works.  What's the fix?  I can't buy a new phone every 2 years. I use the Turbo charger and the cordless charger that goes with this phone. Hasn't been dropped, no liquid and no physical damage. The touch screen is responsive!!

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