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I have had a recurring issue on my Droid Turbo since somewhere between the end of December and sometime in January where I suddenly stop receiving text messages. (Sending messages and calling works fine). After I restart my phone, it will begin working properly again and then at some point messages just stop again.

I've called customer service several times, and have troubleshooted with tech support. I also had a network ticket in, and it seemed like whatever was changed had worked for a while, but at some point I realized it was happening again. I basically have gotten into a habit of restarting my phone daily.

The problem persists across three apps I have tried-- the stock Android app, some Google app, and Textra (the primary I use and had used for about a year and some change before the problem). I also did a factory reset at one point so I am no longer suspecting the phone to be the problem. After the factory reset, tech support directed me to make a bunch of changes to my phone. I communicated with someone during the Network Ticket, and they were seeing messages I hadn't received as "delivered". I was told shortly after that some changes were made to my routing (?) and that the problem was resolved.

This seems to be happening to other people as well on these posts, but no one is getting a response:

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Verizon, PLEASE look into this issue. It is giving me a very negative opinion of your service as I work off of text messages. I cannot risk missing messages throughout the day.

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